Summer skin in 5

It is HOT! England is having some amazing weather at the moment and I am loving it, but as a dry skin and eczema sufferer who wants to be tanned but be skin safe too, I need some help. 

Here are 5 products that are my absolute skin saviours.  

•Charlotte Tilbury, Multi Miracle Glow Balm

This product is one I tell everyone with dry skin about! It can be used as an everyday cleanser, overnight treatment or balm, and for me cleared up some eczema on my face. Really hydrating and soothing for dehydrated  skin after a long day in the sunshine or even air conditioning!

•Superdrug, Solait Face Pads Medium Tan 

It is always always best to keep your face out of the sun! These pads can be wiped gently over your face as your last step of a nighttime routine and will build a natural looking gradual tan without drying out the skin. Often we have a lighter face than body and this should even things out without having to use foundation!

•The Ordinary, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

This is from an amazing brand that keeps quality high and cost super low! Such a great product to boost hydration as part of your day or night routine. This is a great product to help balance an oiler skin type in the heat too.

•Superdrug, B Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz   

If you are feeling the heat and your makeup needs saving halfway through the day, or you  just need a cool down by the pool a mist of this over the face will do the trick. 

•Superdrug, Vitamin E Super Balm 

Ok so think of this as your £3.99 cruelty free alternative to Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Yes, the texture is different but this is so great for lips and dry patches. This has been so useful on set for me many times, a tiny pot of goodness!



(Can you tell how great I think Superdrug are for cruelty free reasonably priced skincare?!)