3. Beauty Veganuary

I am really really excited about this one. If you are into beauty and skincare then you probably know about Alex Stenheirr, and if you don’t look her up! She is super knowledgeable and personable. 

Recently, she launched a collection with Primark which is all cruelty free and vegan. I couldn’t wait to try products that teamed her expertise and Primark prices. 

I have tried a few products from the collection which is split into ranges to tackle your skin needs. So far I have liked everything, but this is one of my favourites! 


Plump and Glow Power Mask contains a serum and a sheet mask. The serum is applied to skin and the sheet mask is placed on top. I left mine on for around 20 mins and patted the mask to help activate the serum as it was locked in under the mask. 

This made my dry skin GLOW! It felt like an instant skin fix that actually worked, and the effects were long lasting too. The only thing that was irritating was trying to keep it on my face, but this is a common issue with sheet masks without hooks for your ears; at £3 I’m really not complaining. 

The range is only available at select stores, but hopefully with success this will be extended! I’ll definitely be sharing some more reviews of the Alex Steinherr X Primark collection soon!