2. Beauty Veganuary

My next vegan beauty spotlight is for a product I’ve recently started using and really like! It’s especially good for those of us who want to look like we’ve been sunning in Barbados not stuck in Bognor!


These self tan drops are the first product from Tanologist that I’ve tried. They are super easy to use and a great way to tan evenly as you just mix it in with your normal moisturiser. 

It isnt completely free of that fake tan biscuit smell, but it wasn’t so strong that it bothered me either. Most importantly the dha content in tan usually dries my skin out with one use, but this was absolutely fine. 

I didn’t use a mitt to apply, but I was also lazy and didn’t wash my hands properly either the first time I used it so I deserved the orange hands. Since then it’s been stain free with just washing my hands thoroughly  with soap after. 

I didn’t even exfoliate before I used this so it definitely works for a faff free and slightly less smelly tan!