4. Beauty Veganuary

The last Veganuary beauty blog for the last day of January!  

This product is one I love for my freelance kit. It’s from an amazing cruelty free brand that are well worth looking at for a good range of high quality products. 


This provides a good balance of hydrating while keeping skin matte, which is great for a more oily skin type; or just placing through the t-zone for combination skin. It’s also worth mentioning that on my very dry skin it didn’t feel tight and make my base last well. This could be because the formula doesn’t contain talc or perfume so shouldn’t feel reactive or uncomfortable on most skin types. 

It does feel very soft when applied and gives the skin a smoother effect so will work well if you struggle with open or large pores too. 

Admittedly at £30 it isn’t the cheapest product out there, but I think the product does live up to the price!