1. Beauty Veganuary


As you know if you’ve read this blog before, I always focus on cruelty free products, but as an extension of Veganuary (I’m trying to start this year as ethically as possible!) I wanted to highlight some of my favourite vegan beauty products this month!

Ok so detox, dry January blah blah, everybody knows healthy skin is important and the festive period isn’t the most kind to our complexion.

But we also all know that it’s cold and dark outside, we may seek refuge in the pub, and when we get carried away with the quiz, have too many wines and order a pizza at 1am our skin will not thank us. So a little help is always welcome!


Charlotte Tilbury have just released Goddess Cleansing Ritual and I honestly love it. The first ‘ritual’ is a citrus oil based cleanser, designed to boost radiance. The second ‘ritual’ is a bamboo charcoal cleanser to purify. The muslin cloth included is a double mesh, so helps to exfoliate and holds warmth for longer than usual.

The first is going to make your skin super soft and glowy, it will get the day off of your skin without harshly stripping it. My favourite ingredients are inca inchi oil and bacuri butter, these can help to work on improving the barrier function of your skin, and battle the effect that free radicals (sun, pollution) have. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that will also help with this, as well as brighten the skin.

The second is designed to soothe and purify your complexion. The charcoal will help to pull impurities from your pores, and Nordic beauty peat will help to rebalance your skins oil/dry content.

I like to massage ritual one onto my skin when it’s dry, it’s safe to use over eyes so will melt most of your makeup off, although sometimes I need to go back into my eyes with an oily eye remover cleanser. Then when your skin is damp use ritual two, avoiding your eye area. If you prefer less exfoliation with the muslin cloth wash step one off in the shower and buff step two off with the cloth!

It is so so worth spending an extra minute double cleansing, my skin feels amazing everytime I use this. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all, and it has really helped to lift dark spots and calm blemishes. Yes, this is more expensive than your Superdrug buy but a good cleanser can transform your skin!